442.000 repeater downtown Austin Texas

On August 3, 2018 the 442.000 repeater with an encode/decode tone set at 186.2 went live just in time for Summerfest, the annual Austin ham radio gathering.  It is open for all licensed ham radio operators to use.

The repeater is in Austin’s “Museum District” on top of the Mid Century modern Cambridge Tower Condo at MLK and Lavaca Street near the AT&T Executive Education Center and the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum.  

And if you’re on Allstar you can connect to it via these nodes:

27170 441.875 N5JGX  North Austin 446.875 RX 100.0 PL
47371 145.570 AB5N   Hot Springs, Arkansas
48668 145.550 KA6ATN Cedar Creek Lodge
48076 145.650 KA6ATN Austin Condo 
48493 442.000 KA6ATN Austin Cambridge Tower 186.2 PL
49329 145.57 AB5N Cambridge Main Hub (connect here first)

Find out more at AllStarLink.org

Have fun with 442.000, that’s what ham radio is all about, having fun and helping people.  The repeater is open for any events like bike races, marathons, Longhorn tailgate parties, etc if you want to use it for co-ordination.