Ham Radio and Tech Events

Maker Faire Palmer Events Center, Austin TX Sat. May 4th, 2019 10am – 6pm https://austin.makerfaire.com/

The Outlier Podcast Festival is an event held in Austin, TX where podcasters and digital influencers gather to learn, network, and connect IRL.
It’s a festival full of speakers, workshops, breakout sessions, live shows and more.
If you’re interested in podcasting or are looking to grow as a digital influencer then you won’t want to miss this.

Club Meetings

1st Tuesday each month — AARC General Meeting, 7:00pm-9:00pm. Location is usually Applied Research Lab, 10000 Burnet Road, Austin TX.

AARC Officers Meeting – generally 1 hour before the general meeting (6:00pm). Contact an officer for details.

2nd Wednesday — Digital Wednesday. HSMM/BroadBand Hamnet and ARES Packet setup lab. 7:00pm. Location: CATRAC Administrative Offices, 4100 Ed Bluestein Blvd (at Technicenter Dr), Austin TX 78721.
Purpose: Hands-on training and help with all things digital/RF, including Packet, APRS, BroadBand Hamnet mesh, WinLink, etc. To set deviation on packet/APRS, please make prior arrangements with NG5V@arrl.net — Note: This is a secure facility. Talk-in is on 146.94 (107.2) to contact someone to let you in the door!

4th Tuesday — TCARES General Meeting. 7:00pm. Location: Applied Research Lab, 10000 Burnet Road, Austin TX

Ham Radio Breakfast 03/18/2017 LocationWaterloo Icehouse, 8600 Burnet Road

Apr 16 222 MHz: Tuesday, from 7 – 11 PM local, Exchange: 4 char grid

Apr 24 432 MHz: Wednesday, from 7 – 11 PM local, Exchange: 4 char grid

May 4 Microwave, 902 MHz and up: Saturday, from 8 AM – 2 PM local, Exchange: 6 char grid

May 11-12 50 MHz: Saturday, from 2300Z until 0300Z Sunday, Exchange: 4 char grid
Classes: Stations will be classified as either Single Op or Rover.
A portable or mobile station that operates from only one grid is considered a Single Op station.
A Rover must operate from at least 2 grid squares. All legal modes are welcome!
More information and rules are posted at: https://sites.google.com/site/springvhfupsprints/home
Kent O’Dell KA2KQM, Mike Metroka WB8BZK & Jon Platt W0ZQ
Central States VHF Society Spring Sprint Organizing Committee

May 7- 1st Tue 7PM- AARC Meeting ARL 10,000 Burnet Rd
Meeting topic- FT8 tutorial/ops, Introduction to FT-8 digital mode by John Paul (JP) KG5ZZB
and Solar WX summary by Lew W5IFQ.

Apr 23- 4
th Tue 7PM- TCARES Face-to-Face meeting -usually- ARL 10,000 Burnet Rd

On-Air nets
Sun 7 PM 147.360 +131.8
Meeting Topic-Review COMEX held recently and Ed KE3D on TNC alternatives (Dire Wolf, etc).

http://www.tcares.org https://winlinkwednesday.com/
EC: Michael KG5RXG

BBHN (BroadBand HamNet) www.broadband-hamnet.org
2nd Sat 10:30AM Austin QRP Club- The Pavilion at Great Hills, 11819 Pavilion blvd, Austin 78759
Main contact- Curt W4QBU
URL to be provided once updated

Sat 7-9AM AARC Ham Radio Breakfast- Waterloo Ice House 8600 Burnet Rd

Sat 9AM QCWA Chapter 67 QSO net- 146.94(-)107.2

QCWA Chapter 67 meetings – Plz contact DeRoy AA5R.

Sat 7PM AARC Elmer net- 146.94(-)107.2 Backup 147.360(+)131.8

Sun 3 PM 10m net 28.410 USB Coordinate on 146.94 -1 07.2 W5NDS, AG5MS, KE5AL

Sun 9PM AARC SwapNet- 146.94(-)107.2 Backup 147.360(+)131.8

Mon 8PM Informal New Hams Net Gil KI5BPK 146.64(-)162.2

Mon 8PM LSSN Wx Spotter Weekly Net 147.280(+)100 www.lssn.us

4th Mon 7:30PM TCREACT DQ @ 8300 N Burnet Rd

Thurs 7PM 7.065 Austin Local CW net

FISTS, www.fistsna.org/

SKCC, www.skccgroup.com/

Thurs 8 PM 7.113 MHz CW Practice Net(informal) KE5AL &/or KF5YMF