Wisconsin Nodes open today

We were connected to our Wisconsin friends today and, to our surprise Austin homeboy K5ACC popped in, Adam Curry, he’s just the father of podcasting aka “The Podfather” and we had a very enjoyable QSO! We were connected to Node 45293 K9MLS and to Node 48780 KD9EJA. What a great group of guys!

Wisconsin and Central Texas connection

On 9/21/19 talked to AA1PR, AA9JL John at node 45353, K5ACC Patrick in Austin, K9EDJ at node 48780, K9MLS Michael in St Paul at Node 45293, K9WJA, K9WKJ, KA9MLR Mike, N5TXT Jim, N5UPC Earl in Boomer, WI and WB9PRI Don. They’ve got quite a lively network in Central Wisconsin.